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February 08, 2008


Otis Jefferson Brown

I agree with everything you say, except the last sentence.

Whether the nominee is Clinton or Obama, she/he will be subjected to vicious, under-the-radar smears of one kind or another. I think Clinton and Obama are strong enough to withstand them. Remember, Obama played schoolyard basketball and has shown he’s got some pretty sharp elbows. With the economy tanking, war without end, and the GOP in a condition that reminds me of the Dems c. 1972, either Dem will win the general election. (In my opinion, Obama would win bigger, with bigger Congressional majorities.)

The above-the-radar GOP attack has already been signaled, by Mitt Romney in his “concession” speech and by presumptive nominee McCain, and it’s as despicable as the attacks you describe. Romney equated a vote for Clinton or Obama with surrendering to terrorism; McCain railed, as he always does, about “running up the white flag of surrender.” This blunt instrument, a McCarthyite attack reeking of the early 1950’s, is the only weapon the Republicans have; and the Republicans, being Republicans, will use it.

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