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July 08, 2011



Not sure how many of us had mothers who sang for their own enjoyment, or else sang to us, or both. If so were the songs lullabies, songs of the countries from which our mothers emigrated, ditties picked up from radio or the movies, show tunes? 

In the early years of the 20th century songs may have been sung accompanied by piano music that mothers played themselves. The 1920s offered sheet music played for silent films and the advent of radio songs, the '30s seemed to specialize in song lyrics about being in or out of the money, the '40s had its Big Band era and Wartime Canteen vocals, the '50s its show tunes and both Your Hit Parade and American Bandstand, the '60s both its folk and bitingly satiric sides as well as the advent of FM radio, and the last decades gave us pop, rock (hard, soft, folk, acoustic), disco, glam, electro-thrum and other trends iterated and re-iterated ad infinitum. And there were even songs that helped to calm the troubled mind of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho (in the process, God help us, of becoming a Broadway musical).

Today, what kinds of songs are in the air via streaming, trending, playlist sharing, curate-your-own music services, create-your-own-genre radio stations via the internet, etc.? Well, dance party tracks appear everywhere that clubs exist (mixed, mastered, and remixed), so here is a could-be list curated by imaginary DJ Rubik "Cubert" Zirconia (not certain what kinds of mothers if any he's targeting) of what is available and trending right this minute -- and due to change five minutes later!

Zirconia's list of the Top 20 trending dance party tracks right now [12:00 am, 5/8/15]

20. Splendorella. Stream That Luv 2 U (Shaker dance mix)
19. Gosling Digs. (Go On and) Press Me Like a Buzz
18. Chain Link Fence. Ram the Feeling Down (Neon club mix)
17. Channel Burnward. Glamma Ramma
16. Romulusta. Take a Turn Around
15. Black Tea Mugwamp. Shine the Dazzle Over Me
14. Katerwallah. My Back Rages (Shaggy bag mix)
13. Traversty. Shotgun Friending
12. Li'l Peep. Reely Woody (Baby Wants to Glide mix)
11. Crowdfester. Chancy Pantaloonz
10. Diva Dutch. Inna Hot Swat 
09. Zephyrella. Travels with Mommy
08. Poolside Fling. Pool Rag Boi (Size matters remix)
07. Juliana Monkfish. I Unliked U Yesterday
06. Raviola. Chow Fun Dawg (Slurpy Chomperz remix)
05. Poolside Fling. Phonic Ringtone 2XXX
04. Skippy Keltner. Wonky Lowdown Chukka Wukka (Waffle Riff mix)
03. [tie] Ice Kool Daze. I Want U Here, I Need U Now (Hoody Boiz mix)
03. [tie] Silver Tip Harpoon. Majik Muzik 
02. Spazzy Sun Dress. Ovah-used and Unda-dun

01. Wella Rage, featuring Filthy Luka. My Pussy Died A Bogus Death
   "My pussy died a bogus death, 
   She pawed around my crystal meth.
   She scratched my face I pulled her rug,
   She moaned and yeowled and topped my mug.
   My pussy died a bogus death,
   It's sumfing I can now confeth."
   Etcetera . . . .

OMG -- this is how we spit today!!!!!

Jim Hermanson

Lovely post!

It is so true, and so interesting, how the songs that our mothers (and fathers?) sang take us back to an older world, since their sensibilities were formed at a young age.

This is all tied in, also, with the history of recorded music. How much that our parents or grandparents remember comes down from a world of sheet music and parlor pianos and performers instead of one with wax cylinder and later Victrola recordings?

I definitely remember my mother singing most of the songs you mention, but add that a variety of novelty songs from the WWII era: "Three Little Fishies," and "Mairzy Doats" and "The Hut Sut Song."

So, my mom, born in 1918, had taken in a number of songs from HER mom, but also sang the ones more of her generation.

It is so interesting how each person is a living palimpsest of historical detritus!


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