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February 23, 2014



There was an earlier British televison version of House of Cards from around the 1970s that might be worth a look. It was a trilogy that starred Ian Richardson as Francis Urquhard and takes place in a post-Elizabeth Britain. The first installment was called House of Cards, the second To Play the King (with Michael Kitchen as a vocally buzzing Prince Charles), and the third The Final Cut (where FU's Lady Macbeth of a wife sacrifices him to posterity). The umbrella title for the series was House of Cards. It appeared in the U.S. on Masterpiece Theater. Richardson is great in the role, with droll asides to the audience, ruthless dispatchings of pesky journalists, etc.

Sam Zollner

The SEC and IRS now require all hedge-fund billionaires to drink a 20 oz. cup of pink mucilaginous liquid once per year. This new requirement may dampen your ambitions in that direction.

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