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December 23, 2014



And lest we forget these manword mash-ups . . . 

Manorama: a particularly large man spreader

Manaconda: a particularly large man part

Manabanana: a man wearing a turbaned basket filled with tropical fruit

Manlyweds: gay male newlyweds

Manlycure: a manicure for men involving a turpentine finger-soak prep

Manrag: a man's rant toward a woman, giving her a hard time; toilet paper used for dusting around the house; a manly gossip magazine -- GQ, Esquire, Men's Health, Maxim, Details; a man's suit, particularly a deconstructed one

Manzine: entertainment gossip fashion magazine, particularly for a gay audience

Mancavewarmer: cavewarming party to which one invites one's best bros to partake of booze and seegars in brand new mandigs

Mandigs: masculinely furnished rooms, particularly including a mancave; manly joshing -- e.g., "You are a big tub of unrendered pig fat, Tony."

Manhole: a man's posterior; a woman with a hairy ass; a sparsely furnished mancave

Manhole cover: a pair of tighty-whities; a military surplus parachute suspended from the ceiling of a sparsely furnished mancave

Manspread: excess weight around a man's waist or thighs; a large beach towel used as a bedspread; five-alarm chile pepper hummus; feature article -- with photos -- in a manrag or manzine

Manopause: prostate-related sleep-interrupting toilet trip at 2 am; a particularly dramatic pause by a strong silent type

Manquest: a search for the perfect wave; a search for the perfect seegar; a search for the perfect penile implant

Mangina: a gay man's ass; possible cause of a man's chest pains

Mantalk: similar to girltalk but emphasizing baseball, guns, and beer; different from boytalk which emphasizes condoms -- how many to carry, how many to use

Manecue: a manly party centering around barbecues and padded potholder gauntlets

Manscape: a man's body trimmed of body hair; a photo or painting of several men on a beach at dusk with their arms around each other

Manlydolly: a military action figure; a platform on wheels used for rolling grease jockeys under cars so they can repair or adjust MacPherson struts

Manishment: banishment to a color-coordinated mancave designed by one's daughter

Manup: to take manly responsibility; skydiving term denoting a man ready to jump

Man oh man oh man oh man . . . .

Richard Mothpan

I have to man up and admit you're right.

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