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December 10, 2014



Naming Gaming

Your post reminded me that we may be returning to a more sensible universe thanks to grandparents who encourage traditional family names for babies rather than more creative options -- this from a recent New York Times article. Apparently grandparents are offering substantial monetary sweeteners to their children to name any grandchildren the family given names that the grandparents want rather than media names the parents are bombarded with. So far these inducements are casual agreements not handled formally via contracts -- but can that be far behind? But sensible universes aside, some families compromise by combining parts of family names with newer monikers.  

The article was interesting but extreme examples of modern names were not provided. Sensing a public service I've entered into the fray so to speak and have provided my own name selections. So granddaughters presumably would become Ethel and Betty and Louise and Gertrude rather than Shadow and Kenundra and Leaflet and Patchouli.  Grandsons would be Elmer and Ralph and Murray and Kirk rather than Joolz and Planchard and Crispin and Scone. Combined monikers could be Gertundra or Bettflet for girls and Kirkchard or Sconeray for boys. Or not.

Of course in the brave new world to come the solution would seem to be numbers rather than names. No more Bickford, no more Chadwick. No more Sashette, no more Shoosh. Goodbye to Culbert, farewell to Amberly. Let's go with 981-446275'221 and 78541>999/3743. And it would make vanity license plates so much simpler . . . .

O.J. Brown

It's an NBA tradition - remember Lloyd Earl, George Jack, and Clifton Sweetwater?

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