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May 19, 2015



Nabes and 'Burbs

Two observations. 

1. Your 2015 reconstruction is a sort of Julie from the 'burbs. One of my English teachers at Erasmus, Mrs. Grace Denman, was by no means a pretentious pronunciation purist (she left that to other teachers in the department, the leading exponent of which was Mrs. Dorothy Harten -- aka "Fartin' Harten" -- who pronounced illustrate as il-LUST-rate and called TV westerns westerners) but she had her limits. She didn't like sacrilegious to be mispronounced and she didn't like the way the name Juliet was uttered in 1960s Brooklyn. She said it was not Ju-lee-ETTE, but instead Jool-YET. Her way was a lot harder for us to pronounce but all I knew for sure was that if I started saying Jool-YET in my nabe I'd become "Shakespeare Fag" at best or a fat lip candidate at worst.

When 'burbs and nabes collided, needs were great and sparks were apt to fly.

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