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April 20, 2017



Bubbling Monsters of the Deep

My own private empty caloric nightmare involves Twinkies re-coated in red jelly and crushed Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, first chilled or frozen, and then deep fried in a sort of monstrous culinary parody of Scotch Eggs -- in and of themselves not exactly harm-free health food fare. But it was only a nightmare, I reasoned, and who in his right mind would act on something this dangerous and bizarre.

Then I found out that (1) since 2016 Hostess has been selling a frozen food version of deep fried Twinkies-on-a-stick -- with a choice of either original or chocolate creme fillings, if you please, and that (2) deep fried Twinkie recipes have been around since at least 2002. Candy bars can be deep fried as well, as such delectable stalwarts as Snickers bars, Mars bars, Twix, and Almond Joy can attest. And more and more dessert items have joined Oreos and Twinkies to become prime deep-fry candidates (cookie dough balls, cake batter, mini peanut butter cups, watermelon, banana bites, and something that looks alarmingly like deep fried cranberry sauce) -- despite or possibly because of Paula Deen's public lurch toward healthier sweets.

And if powerful thirsts result from these sweet-hot adventures, one is mighty hard put to know how to quench them properly. Aspartamed Kool-Aid anyone?

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