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April 25, 2017



My views on sexual dimorphism are vague at best but I'd like to say here that I have a beard, with moustache, and I like it. I've had it in fact since August 6, 1978, which also marks the death of Pope Paul VI. There is no significance to those two unrelated facts other than their coincidence.

I'll only elaborate here by saying that beards and body hair in general are to my way of thinking undeniably attractive male secondary sex characteristics. I've both sensed and concluded over time that many women like beards and my guess is that they are especially attractive on bald men. And the age of the man does not matter either, as long as there is some semblance of shaping and trim to his beard. My own beard and head hair these days are gray veering toward entirely white, with the additional ability to attract young children because of the suggestion of a sort of year-round Santa on the premises and the promise of photo ops, festive cookies, and possibly gifts as well.

Additionally beards, such as my own Brillo-textured face pelt, can arguably act therapeutically as a sun screen for the lower part of the face. Ditto for thick and luxuriant chest, shoulder, and back hair distributions on the rest of one's body -- and yes there are still men who are covered thus.  And I suppose that evolutionally these hirsute body distributions could have acted -- with useful male purpose -- as protective and warmth-providing coverings for naked female face and torso flesh in dank and draft-prone caves.

And what of natural selection in the longer run? Will beard and body hair gradually evolve into facial and head and body feathers? On bald men in particular? On females as well as males? Or God forgive on females only? I fear that fashion print and online rags, as well as science fiction fanzine lit, are pointing the way inexorably in that direction.

While there's something to be said for antlers and their grooming, I would myself be apt to opt for small tan curved cuckold-like forehead horns that have the evolutionary ability to turn red if and when required.

But for now where my beard is concerned, purpose and logic and fantasy do not come into play. And it's staying on my face for the long haul too, popes and sexual dimorphism be damned!

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