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November 16, 2017



Your post touched a nerve in that it reminded me of what some people say in all good faith to birthday celebrants. When I worked full-time there were those in my office who were apt to tell me on my birthday, with happy non-ironic faces, "may you have many many more" or even "may you live forever."

Bizarre to say the least, especially in years when the thought of more birthdays was not a particularly good one for me, or the possibility of living forever summoned up visions of my hunched-over drooling self seated under a crocheted afghan in a nursing home day room with the masked stink of urine wafting in the freshened disinfected air.

When I've lived enough I'll be ready to go, I've always thought -- not that I'd think of actively speeding up this departure process. I'm neither old enough nor sick enough for that. I'll hold that thought in abeyance though, for when the time comes. But it might not come in the usual way according to a recent article in the Science Times section of the New York Times. It seems that many very old people, centenarians especially, have never in their long lives had significant and certainly not catastrophic illnesses or disorders. 

So excellent health approaching eighty could very well be a forecast of good if not better things, as you enjoy further clear perspectives of moments to come. As long, of course, as your mobility and mind hold out.

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