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April 10, 2006


Don Z. Block

The deity apparently needs to be constantly reassured that he is the greatest, and since prayer apparently does that, the deity demands prayer, but as you have pointed out, judging from the atrocities that continue to occur, human beings have never learned how to pray. Unless we get the words right and the physical mannerisms that must accompany these words, the deity will continue to allow kids and adults to get cancer and to be massacred. And the deity does have a dark sense of humor as witness the number of mass murders that occur in houses of worship. Killings in mosques, churches, and synagogues are clearly the deity's way of teaching those who revere him and support him financially that we need to practice our praying so that we get it right. As a kid, I used to notice adults praying in so many different ways, but I was too young to realize that these differences meant that most people did not know what they were doing. Some would do subtle knee bends; others would do dramatic ones with the head swooping very low. All wore their shawls differently, some covering the shoulders, others only half the back. These inconsistencies would have to offend any deity that takes himself seriously.

So what can we learn from the failure of Prayer Science so far to contribute to knowledge, scientifically testable knowledge? We can infer that the old saw is true: Everything happens for a reason. When that everything happens to be a series of serial killings or a mass murder or a genocide or children being thrown out of a window or dying of cancer, we know what that reason is. Don't just pray, sinners. Pray properly.

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