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June 13, 2006


Don Z. Block

Had no idea that the Rockies focused so intently on Christianity; I have to wonder when their deity became interested in baseball. If this deity is responsible for the good things that happen in baseball, then I suppose it is also responsible for the bad things. That means that it is primarily concerned with hurting baseball players since only one team wins it all every year. Were the Yankees such good Christians that the deity rewarded them with 27 world championships? Were the Dodgers such bad Christians that the deity made them lose so often to the Yankees in the World Series? What abominable crime did the Dodgers commit that caused the deity to afflict them with the 1951 horror of blowing a 13 1/2 game lead in August and then losing a 4-1 lead in the 9th on Bobby Thomson's home run? Was Durocher engaging in moral behavior when he stole signs and in effect cheated his way to a pennant in 1951? Is that the sort of behavior that the deity rewards? What did Herb Score do to deserve a line drive in his eye? What wrong did Gil Macdougal commit that cost him his hearing when a groundball hit him in the face? What crime was Tony Conigliaro being punished for when a beaning in effect ended his career as a super slugger and probably caused him to die young of a heart attack? The influence of the deity on baseball and all other sports has clearly been a negative one. Clearly, this is a deity that needs to be overthrown, not worshipped.


Todd Helton refutes this approach in the 6/12 edition of SI.

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