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December 06, 2006


Leonard Schnitzer

Regarding girls'mandatory costume at assembliesin PS 217: white "middie" blouses with green or yellow kirchiefs. And yes I too cringed when being required to sing (which I mainly mumbled),"Onward Chistian Soldiers". no beingeither a soldier or Christian



I really enjoyed this entry and others though I could have done without the NYC shops one :-)

Ella continues to exercise her imagination. Every day she delights us with a story or two.

The other day she held a banquet at the kitchen booth (she set the table herself with bowls, forks, bananas, and tomatoes) to celebrate her papoose which was a baby that was given to her by the Indian king and queen right before they died. How did she come up with this idea?

I believe this scene was developed straight from the chapter I read to her the night before from Little House on the Prairie where the middle child, Laura, asked and asked her Pa and Ma when she was going to see a papoose.

Your other daughter ...

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