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January 26, 2007


Otis Jefferson Brown

On second thought, give the 2B job to Jorge Orta – he’s fully qualified. And shame on me for forgetting: add Dodger immortal Ed Head to the Body Parts' pitching staff. You can't have too much pitching. I can hear the cheerleaders: “Gimme a B, gimme an O.....”

Otis Jefferson Brown

Inspired by your all-Johnson basketball team, I’m pleased to submit the Body Parts All-Stars of Baseball:

P Elroy Face
P Rollie Fingers
P Bill Hands
P Ricky Bones
P Joe Moeller
C Barry Foote
1B Fenton Mole
2B (see below)
SS Billy Cox (he played a lot of SS in Pit. before coming to Bklyn.)
3B Jim Ray Hart
OF Ted Beard
OF Johnny Groth
OF Heinie Manush (sorry ‘bout that)

Unless someone can help us fill the gap at 2B, we’ll be forced to go with Jorge Orta, Jimmy Bloodworth, Don Gutteridge or Johnny Lipon, which would be a shame. But what a bullpen!

Otis Jefferson Brown

Sorry, I’m not up on today’s NBA Johnsons but I do remember Gus Johnson well. The baseball Johnsons could put a pretty good team out there:

P Randy Johnson (L) or Walter Johnson (R)
C Charles Johnson
1B Nick Johnson
2B Davey Johnson
SS Howard Johnson (he did play some games at SS)
3B Billy Johnson
OF Bob Johnson (a 25-35 HR banger for the 1930s A’s)
OF Alex Johnson
OF Lou Johnson

Okay, big hole at SS, but with the Unit or the Big Train on the mound I’ll take my chances.

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