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February 08, 2007


L Stanley

Now that Mr Paschall has been found NOT Guilty by jury, are you going to retract all you your venom and admit you are just spuing leftwing meida hate for anyone on the right..

Dr. Metablog responds: Wow, I'm so honored. Mark Paschall himself writes in to defend himself (he calls himself "L. Stanley," but we know that there can't be anyone so foolish as to defend Mark Paschall as Mark himself. Mark, contratulations on hiring a famous attorney and getting off -- well, half off. You're as innocent as OJ himself.
I love the idea that Dr. Metablog is part of the media (or 'meida' as Mark "spu"s it -- he means "spew." What is it with the right-wing that they are so convinced that the corporate owned media are part of some vast left-wing conspiracy? How can they nurture that paranoia? It's truly lunatic.
But how nice to know that Dr. M. has lunatic, right-wing readers. I'm so proud.

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