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April 06, 2007


Otis Jefferson Brown

When the time comes to pull the trigger, Cheney will discover that he has "other priorities."

Otis Jefferson Brown

P.S. to Mr. Nader: Thanks, Ralph.

Otis Jefferson Brown

Don’t hold your breath, Doc. Suicide requires guilt, shame, a level of self-awareness and an apprehension of reality that will forever be unknown to Cheney. But don’t despair: sooner or later the anvil of history will fall on his head.

Being unfamiliar with the architecture of Hell, I don’t know if it has upper, middle and lower levels. Just to be safe, joint accommodations should be arranged for Cheney and George W. Bush, the Worst President In American History. Aside from the lies, arrogance and incompetence that has ruined tens of thousands of lives both in the US and abroad, WPIAH committed the most offensive act I’ve ever seen or heard of from an American president, an act that made oral sex in the Oval Office look like high-minded statecraft by comparison. I refer to the Wahington press corps dinner of a few years ago when WPIAH made a comedic skit out of his inability to find Saddam’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction. You remember the scene: WPIAH on all fours, searching under his desk mumbling, “Where are those weapons? They were here a minute ago” – all this while the Beltway establishment, including the “liberal” journalists, roared with laughter. Somehow I suspect that the parents of servicemen and women who were putting their lives at risk in Bush-Cheney’s fraudulent wild goose chase weren’t laughing quite so hard.

And while we’re arranging accommodations in the eternal sauna, order some extra towels and stools for Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol – none of whom ever served for a minute in the military - and the whole neocon cabal that helped get us into Iraq. They’re all very brave with other people’s lives.

So what do we do with the post-facto opponents of the war? I’m thinking of weasels like Thomas Friedman and Chris Matthews who now fancy themselves tough-minded critics asking the tough questions. Where were they when the tough questions were needed? I’ll never forget it: as the statue of Saddam came tumbling down Matthews screamed into the microphone: “We’re all neocons now!” As for Friedman, he originally thought the war was a nifty idea. His columns in the Times were very influential in convincing otherwise intelligent people to go along with Bush’s folly. Now, whenever I see him on TV excoriating Bush for his mishandling of the war, I want to shout: “Schmuck! You helped get us into this!” And let’s not forget the odious Don Imus – the same creep who is currently groveling before Al Sharpton in order to save his radio career – who also claims to be a war critic. On the eve of the invasion Imus made the following announcement: “The official position of this program is: We’re in favor of invading Iraq because it would be fun.”

Now they claim to see the light. Better late than never, I suppose, but I hate ‘em all.

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