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September 05, 2007



Not a tall tale.

Don Z. Block

Sarah missed the part about the bulldog being shot, and I hope that part was part of the exaggeration of this tall tale, because bulldogs are nice dogs even when they are not being nice, which is rare, and there is usually a good reason why a bulldog is not being nice, such as the time I went to walk one in a rescue place for dogs and the dog snapped at me, but it turned out that it had a thorn in its paw, and that's what was making it snap, and everything would have been fine if only someone had looked at its paw and found that thorn, so I think it's safe to say that we do not live in the best of all possible worlds, and notice that I am not bringing up those beautiful flowers that have thorns in them, but ain't it a fact that pain is a great teacher and a great explainer, and that one should stay away from the thorns of plenty.

Sean Robertson

This might just be the longest run-on sentence ever written. LOL


Dr M, could you read it out and post an audio clip on here? I'd love to hear it instead.


I'm sure I would have enjoyed that as much as your other postings if only it had some punctuation. Sadly I had to give up a quarter of the way through.

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