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April 13, 2008


Fran Gardner

Dear doctor,

I agree with everything. I would add that when writing an essay it’s always good to have a thesis and then some sort of tangential idea that comes out of nowhere and hits the thesis upside the head. That’s what makes a column interesting. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

As for making words concrete and ending the sentences with a punch, bravo, bravo. I’m reminded that I can’t read the author Neil Gaiman because I know how every sentence is going to end before it ends. That’s really depressing.

Walking down the street? How about just walking? I like to write kneel instead of kneel down and reach instead of reach up. Too many adverbs get in the way.

Don Z. Block

I do teach writing. May I give your words to my students?

Timmy Jo Given

This is worthy of sharing with every aspiring writer I know. Masterfully done. Thanks so much.

Liz Scarboro

If I were teaching writing, I'd ask you if I could print this out as an essential reference for my students. Since I'm not, I'll print it out and tack it to my wall.


masterful. thank you.

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