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May 18, 2008


Otis Jefferson Brown

1951 was a hell of a year. First, our favorite basketball players are arrested and our favorite teams disappear. Next, Truman fires MacArthur and his approval rating drops to about 20% (about 4% in Bay Ridge). Finally, Bobby Thomson.

Otis Jefferson Brown

In my bedroom still hangs a team photo of those CCNY "double champs," personally addressed to me by Nat Holman (wishing me a speedy recovery) and signed by the entire squad. I think that Clair Bee's L.I.U. team of 1950-51 - clad in their quarter-sleeve uniforms - was probably the best in the country: Sherman White, Ray Felix, Hal Uplinger, Leroy "Jackrabbit" Smith (my favorite), and the balding Dolph Bigos.

Don Block

Palmer and Glickman (a P.S. 217 graduate) were great announcers. In later years, along came a guy named Les Keiter who was a nice buffoon. "It tickles the twine." "He really rammy-cackled that one." "Up comes Mays waving the old shelalegh." (I could never spell that one.) "He beat the ball. He beat the ball."

Marcia Yeager

We have been led to believe that our father played basketball for CCNY in the 1920's. Is there a site I can go to in order to verify? Thanks, Marcia Yeager

Joe Muir

when I was a teen I admired CCNY as being one of the great basketball teams in USA
I also remember University of Louisville playing them and winning .For years I have wondered what happened to CCNY
After reading this article , I assume all sports were banned at the school
I also remember that you had to win The NIT in order to play in the NCAA this making the NIT the top tourmy at that time

Otis Jefferson Brown

And Dick McGuire and Ernie Vandeweghe. Those Knicks, coached by Joe Lapchick, were an early example of good team play in the NBA, but they were never quite good enough to beat the Minneapolis Lakers with big George Mikan. Bud Palmer did the Knicks play-by-play on TV. On radio it was Marty Glickman, the best announcer ever. Whenever Vince Boryla sank a long set shot (a rare event), Marty would say: "Boryla bombing... good! Like Nedick's!"

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