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August 06, 2008


Otis Jefferson Brown

Even your replies to our comments are beautifully crafted.

Vivian de St. Vrain

Thanks, Dinu. Your words of praise are ever so eloguent.

Dinuzulu kaCetshwayo

Dr. Metablog, your humor is phenomenal. I request you to consider a reader's guide to your pieces, that footnotes subtleties not always evident to the literarily uninformed, like me. I can't recall any other blague of this writing quality.

Otis Jefferson Brown

Dr. Morrison, didn't I see you in "Red River"?

Marion Morrison, Ph. D.

Spike: it's clear that you've never read much. The entry is written as if by Francis Bacon. In my opinion, however, it's not a very good imitation, although there are one or two good sentences.

Spike Schapiro

Hey Dr. M: why are you writing in such an affected style today?

Vivian Hussein de St. Vrain

Vivian Hussein de St. Vrain joyfully accepts plants if they fit into Vivian's long range gardening scheme. Also, dried fruits except the sort that lead to bezoars.


Praise from Vivian Hussein de St. Vrain is accepted with embarrassment, then tucked away and (nearly) forgotten, only to be pulled out into the light at a later hour, when, in privacy, it gives greatest pleasure.

Viv is also the hardest person to give a gift to.

(So. How's that dew drying?)

Vivian Hussein de St. Vrain

Thank you. I've revised my will to leave you all my $millions.

Otis Jefferson Brown

That's the greatest piece of prose I've ever read. You're fantastic.

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