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September 09, 2008


Otis Jefferson Brown

In defending her foreign policy credentials, Palin boasts that you can see Russia from Alaska. I can see the moon and stars from my house. I guess that makes me a rocket scientist.

Axel Sprengtporten

As usual, my good friend OJB goes too far and overstates his case. Advising us not to get caught up in the daily news cycles, OJB seems to have done just that: got caught up in the hysteria of defeatist liberal political bloggers reacting to Palin.

You're the one who should relax, OJB.

As for a return to self-confident liberalism, it's already happening. We codgers can contribute money, but it's the younger liberals - running for office and working in campaigns on both the Clinton and Obama sides - who are doing the real work and making it happen. Arthur Schlesinger's "Cycles of American History" was eerily prescient: the great conservative era that began with the liberal crack-up of the late 60's is ending. Lies, hypocrisy, incompetence and right-wing thuggery will no longer carry the day.

Otis Jefferson Brown

Last night I watched part one of Charlie Gibson's interview with Palin on ABC. It's clear now that John McCain - in one of the most cynical, reckless and irresponsible ploys in American political history - has selected a moron to be one melanoma away from the presidency of the United States.

Equally dispiriting is the state of American liberalism. Years of being beaten up by right-wing bullies have turned liberals into a bunch of timorous, hand-wringing wimps who panic at every little bump in the road. Relax, liberals. Don't get caught up in the ups and downs of the daily news cycles. This is not 1988 and Obama is not Dukakis. Obama and his strategists know where the electoral votes are, and they've got the ground game to win them.

I'm hoping that a victory this year will herald a return to the muscular, self-confident liberalism of Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy.

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