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November 06, 2008



Have you ever lived in a "red' state?

Axel Sprengtporten

In these heady days of uplifted spirits, should we look at the Republicans' state of disarray and stoop to petty feelings of schadenfreude? You betcha.

I never listen to Rush Limbaugh except when things are going bad for his side. Today I listened to a half-hour of Rush and it was delicious. You'll be happy to know that the civil war within the GOP is well under way, complete with angry recriminations, backbiting, character assassination and other good stuff. It's the Palin-Limbaugh yahoos vs. the McCain campaign vs. the moderate Republicans (the group that caucuses in a telephone booth) vs. the neocon intellectuals (you know, the really smart ones who helped get us into Iraq). What makes it better is that these factions are irreconcilable.

So while we celebrate the election - the best thing America has done since liberating and rebuilding western Europe - let's not forget to enjoy the spectacle of the GOP spending long years in the political wilderness. The bastards deserve every bit of it.

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