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December 27, 2008



I am right about your age, grew up in San Francisco. I am also an avid "dream catcher"..I have written and audio recorded many dreams over the years and decades.
To comment on a particular statement you made after disecting your dream: You state that your dream daughter and son-in-law seemed bored by your recounting (the details of)your dream, so you decided, based on that, to not tell your dreams to (awake) people for fear of boring them. Who was that telling you this? It probably wasn't your daughter or son-in-law. I say be open with as much detail as you can dredge up upon waking, telling (especially) yourself all the details so as to make the story more coherent.
I realize, though, if your dreams are as detailed and dense as mine tend to be, that it is tempting to leave out the little details, and all the more so if you are relating your dream to a hopefully patient, interested person.

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