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May 15, 2009


stu stillman

I don't know if this will get to any of those making comments but:
Sandy Stillman, now 70 like almost all of us,aka Stu Stillman in his later years[after 13]is a lawyer living in Southampton, NY and Scottsdale Az. I am a lawyer almost retired, went Syracuse undergrad and NYU law . Have twin sons who live in Conn. and are both attys and 4 grandchildren.I go past PS 217 every once in a while just to be sure I remeber where I came from. Everything looks much smaller to me.Probably because I was then.
In the 1952 grad picture, I can help with the following:
In the 6th row to the right of Tommy Bellavita, is John McKay,then unknown and then Robert Goldstein.In the 3rd row Carol Gerber is to the left of Marlene Gold;in the 6th row Roberta Katcher is to the right of Phyl Mancuso;in the 4th row the twins evelyn and norma greenberg[who lived across from the school on westminster rd], are to the right of Barbar Wolowitz;in the 4th row,
two to the left of Hilda Tarud is Lori Katcher;in the 8th row on the far right is Loretta Tillman;in the 3rd row, 3rd to the right fro Barbara Heifferman is Sheila Katz and to her right her buddy Carol Coniglio.
I am in face book now if anyone wants to say hello. I just joined recently when I found old friends were looking for me.
Its lots of laughs. I am glad to see so many of us are still here.
I went to the 50th Midwood reunion{I left in the middle of my sr year and moved to Great Neck so I didn't graduate from Midwood]and saw lots of old friends whom I had not seen sice 1956.

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