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November 23, 2009


Jim Hermanson

Good post, Doc. This is utterly monstrous.

It boggles the mind to think that people sincerely believed this stuff. And I am sure there were degrees of belief and degrees of denial.

Such a world view often seems to me a powerful defense mechanism: something to keep one's eyes firmly fixed on so they do not have to look at the reality of brutal oppression which is the very basis of the society in which one lived.

It is clear from some writings of the period that some people knew or felt the utter untruth of the fantasy they nonetheless embraced. They saw the daily brutality in front of them and knew deep down that these "creatures" they had enslaved were actually people like themselves, but chose for their own sanity to mouth the disgusting falsehoods they had been raised with.

As in any complex situation, every subtle degree of belief and denial and rejection existed somewhere in this massive patchwork of human feelings.

And, as you suggest, these feelings and beliefs and their effects persist to this day.

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