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February 15, 2010


Don Block

Don't forget "Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear."


My own tame mondegreens were common ones: "for all intensive purposes" and "spitting image." My mother in her accented English had a few, including "Only go scrozzastreet at the stop light."

But one of my high school English teachers at Erasmus, Mrs. Julia Ashley, told us a dyslexically funny one, purportedly from personal experience grading papers: "The equator is a menagerie lion running around the earth." And since we had linguistic as well as bodily extremities on our collective teenage minds, one of the class wits came up privately with this not-quite but passable one: "The veterinarian circumcised the cat around the room." Ouch, yipes, and yipes again!

Axel Sprengtporten

I lived for a year in Iowa City, Iowa. I remember a friend's young son who was looking forward to a day-trip to "see da rabbits."

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