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July 16, 2010



Dad, I encountered the same dilemma when I was in labor with granddaughter #1 and was asked to rate my pain. I chose 7. An arbitrary number. I remember the look that passed between your son and our midwife. I guess I overstated what felt like to me at the time real discomfort b/c at 3 cms a rating of 7 is laughable. I only really know that now after experiencing a super fast, med-free labor and delivery with granddaughter #2. More recently, the ER doctor kept insisting that I must not be passing a kidney stone b/c if I were I would be begging for narcotics. He was trying to reassure me. Well, I was and I did eventually pass a not inconsequential pit, and if I hadn't just experienced childbirth I might have rated those last two hours as the jagged edges of that stone passed through my ureter to my bladder an 8. Pain is personal. Pain sucks the lifeblood out of you, but once it subsides or is dulled or completed erased you feel euphoric. I hope euphoria visits your bedside soon.

Chris Casey

Glad to hear you're managing it now. I had a very similar experience a couple years ago when I learned my C4 & 5 are burst, and two others are bulging. I learned after a long day in the Emergency saying '8', and '9', when they at last administered a morphine IV and I felt no change an hour later, that it just doesn't work for everyone (serious letdown that was). Pain is now managed with regular doses of Naproxen, with the alternative being surgery which I'll gladly put off as long as the pills allow.

To my happy surprise, my Dr. did not advise that I stop running or any other activity. My four marathons and recent hiking have all come after learning about my disc issues.

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