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December 03, 2010


Spike D

Welcome to my world, Doc.

Otis Jefferson Brown

As Alexander Pope wrote: “Lulled in the countless chambers of the brain,
our thoughts are linked by many a dum-de-dum...”


I remember how a certain Shakespeare prof. of mine had us memorize this exact speech, Doc.

As to the process of memorization, you describe this one aspect of it well, with those memory-logged nouns sinking out of reach. That, for me, is a very common occurrence with poetry long-memorized and once rock-solid, but which I haven't brushed up on recently. The rhythm remains if and where nothing else does. And where those holes appear, one knows precisely the metrical qualities of the missing word or words, and the grammatical requirement it fills. . .but not the word itself.

And the errant lexical item gnaws at the underside of one's memory arch.

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