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December 21, 2010



Thank You a thousand times over!!
I'm not alone in this humiliating and often crippling disorder! I am severe in this even getting out of the doctors exam room is troubling. I always go the wrong wasy thinking certainly I've remembered this time..but..the pictures On the wall I use as guides have been moved..

Dan Beane

I have also been searching for support on this for years, around 50. No doctor was ever able to tell me what it is, although I was diagnosed with dyslexia, adhd, epilepsy and maybe more when I was under 10. Please advise on resources.


It can be hard; I've been offered lucrative sales jobs that would require driving around, and I've had to admit to myself that I simply couldn't perform those jobs competently and turn them down. It *is* hard, and it *is* a disability. But not everybody can do everything -- I can't have a job that involves lots of self-directed travel. Somebody in a wheelchair can't be a waiter. A dyslexic isn't likely to be a book editor. Acknowledgment of our limitations is in some ways liberating... there's so much stuff we *can* do.


I know to some people this is a laughing matter. But i am having a hard time with this disibility . at work i am being made out to be a fool .Ihave panic attacks when i get lost. and it makes it worse to get where i am going. my job requires me to drive to different locations every day.Igot me a GPS it does not always work.Ineed to find out do i have any rights I feel like i am being discrimanated against because of this.


I remember identifying with that passage when I read Pickwick a hundred and twenty-six years ago -- and I've walked into rooms not my own on a couple of occasions.

It's curious to me that this thing has never been investigated clinically; seems like a bunch of us should band together and demand functional MRIs and a theory, but banding together would require locating one another, a requirement that might explain the lack of support groups for our malady.

Thanks for pointing this out. I'm entertained.

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