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May 23, 2011


Frances Montell

What I mean is: either follow the rule or don't. Don't try to find some sneaky loophole to get around the rule, and pretend that you are still "observant" while you flout the very spirit of the rule you claim to follow.

Frances Montell

What I dislike about an eruv is that it is another case of the Orthodox being more concerned with the letter and not the spirit of the rules. If keeping the Shabbat means not carrying anything outside of your house, then you shouldn't do it. If you are going to carry something outside your house, then you are not really keeping the Shabbat the way it was intended. It is like women wearing beautiful wigs to cover up their ordinary hair. Why is it forbidden to show your hair? How is wearing an attractive wig still following this rule?


This is a clear case of:
a) summapietatefictusism
b) rerumnominainnovarism
c) all the above


I agree with everything you say.

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