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May 11, 2011


Steve in CHGO

I take my hat off to you! I love corny, old jokes. Much to my surprise, there are a few here that I did not recognize. In the variation I heard, the monk on the mountain replies in surprise, "Life isn't like a barrel?"

As soon as each of my 3 children was old enough to understand the concept of humor, I taught them this joke, which we would inflict upon any company. ME: Doctor, my arm hurts when I do THIS. (I raise my right arm to the side until horizontal.) CHILD (laughing so hard they can barely deliver the punch line): Then don't DO that!

PS: I discovered this blague [sic] while looking for something else. It will take me a long time to read it, but I'll love every minute.

PPS to Dmarie: Remember the Comedy Rule of Three. If you remove one of the real operations, your joke will be stronger.


Loved your jokes. Here's one from the 80's. Let's test your knowledge on medical procedures: What do you call it when a person gets their tonsils taken out? Answer: Tonsillectomy What do you call it when a woman has a breast removed? Answer: Mastectomy What do you call it when someone has their appendix removed? Answer: Appendectomy What do you call it when a woman has a sex change operation? Answer: Addadicktome.


I must say Dr., that I am quite surprised by your ability to remember without turning to another source so many jokes and more surprised by the kinds of jokes you've remembered. Some of them are very silly indeed and others are just plain tasteless. A few are worth recalling, but alas, I've forgotten them as soon as I've read them ... my memory is certainly less reliable than yours for jokes anyway. I might need to work on that.

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