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June 23, 2011


charmaine campbell

that the source of the dyes is around 3,000 kilometres from Altai and the home of the Altai Pazyryk civilization.This area can be Eastern Mediterranean - the only habitat of Kermes vermilio Planchon, a tiny insect, which is a source of nape acid, used in Pazyryk textiles colouring, and a neighbouring territory of the Armenian uplands - a source of Carminic acid. The third colourant - a source of alizarin and purpurin - was made from madder' (a Eurasian plant).

Dr Polosmak explains that there are two types this third dyeing ingredient - 'Rubia Tinctoria L from Iran and the Mediterranean countries. And another, coming from China and India.'

The second was closer to Altai, yet the Pazyryk textile was coloured with Rubia Tinctoria L madder - so pointing to the region of the Eastern Mediterranean.http://siberiantimes.com/culture/others/features/fashion-and-beauty-secrets-of-a-2500-year-old-siberian-princess-from-her-permafrost-burial-chamber/

Jim Hermanson

Very impressive. Deep with history and generations of human accomplishment and creativity.

Your "gaga-hood and wowage" has infected me.

This makes me think of the amazing movie, still, I hope, in local theaters, "Cave of Forgotten Dreams," where Werner Herzog shows us the oldest human art yet found. . .and it cannot be called "primitive." Deeply impressive movie. Sometimes frighteningly so.

Shameless plug: read about it at my blog:


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