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August 24, 2011


Michael Walker

So did you meet up with Cindy?

There is a good photo of the Gove and Morrill Hardware
taken by Arnold Eagle in April of 1947, and reproduced in Daniel Okrent's wonderful book, "The Way We Were:
New England Then, New England Now". I think you would really enjoy this book, published in 1989 by Grove Weidenfeld Press.

Bart Morrill died suddently of a heart attack in the seventies and his 22 year old son took over and ran the store until around 1988. I see that the son died in 2011.

When I look at the photos in Okrent's book, I want to go back in time and live in the New England of the late 40's through the early seventies. I lived in rural CT in 1970-71, and truly enjoyed it. In those days, one could still go to tag sales and find treasures for a few dollars or less. One could pick up the monthly Yankee Magazine and find a lovely old "House For Sale" with 40 acres and a barn for $17,000. Now many of those old farms have disappeared to developers who have ruined the beauty of the countryside.

I would meet with you for a cup of coffee at the Local Buzz, but I live too far away now, and besides I am not allowed caffeine.


Dear Dr. Metablog:

I want to meet you! I moved to Bradford five years ago and I completely identify with your characterizations. In fact, I could add a few of my own!

I've read several of your other blogs and think that you are very amusing. You sound like my kind of guy, and I think you will find that we have alot in common.

I hope that you write to me and unveil yourself! Not all of us in Bradford are stuck in the 1920s...

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