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January 23, 2017



Not only does Trump lie, but it seems all the people working under him do also. His cabinet nominees have been deceptive in their responses to questions asked them, or they have neglected to submit completed forms. Indeed, some have lied on their forms that they have submitted. Al Franken today found that Jeff Sessions had lied when he said he was directly involved in 4 major civil rights cases in Alabama years ago. Betsy DeVos, the clueless billionaire, still has not submitted all requested information, and if only one more Republican Senator had some guts, would be denied her appointment as Secretary of Education. Right now as I write this, it is 50-50 if Sessions votes before he is sworn in as Attorney General, and, of course, Pence would be the tie breaker. So, I am hoping that some imp will fly into some Republican Senator's brain and enlighten him or her that Betsy DeVos is the very worst person to run the Dept of Education.

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