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January 02, 2017


Vivian de St. Vrain.

Dr. Metablog doesn't have a clue what Kevin is thinking. Kevin seems to think that there's a category "old movie." He needs to educate himself. Kevin, if you're listening, watch some films, read some books, learn some history.


I don't really understand old films. I always wondered why they talked that way in front of the camera, all goofy.

I guess the only old movies I've ever seen have been really bad. It always felt to me that with old movies, the actors were people you know, people from down the street, they were not people who lead interesting lives or go on adventures.

It seemed to me that to be able to have the fantastic things that happen to people in movies to happen to them in real life would result in a totally different ending, people would just be bowled over by these events.

After all, they are just ordinary people, there is hardly anything extraordinary about the butcher next door.

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