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December 11, 2017


Randal Strauss

Radar O’Reilly impersonating Humphrey Bogart: “If I had wanted mucilage I’d have ordered mucilage!”


Now THIS was worth reading - if only for the exultantly mucilagenous term "percilflage".

Simone C.Broussard-Williams

Now the memory of turned up nose, shoulders erect, hands at your sides, feet together, soundless and motionless position of thirty-six children standing next to a highly utilitarian wooden desk waiting for further instructions before sitting down to the resounding word that was to be given, deep breath… and BEGIN!

Don LeMerde

Now THIS was worth reading - if only for the exultantly mucilagenous term "percilflage".

("I think he means "persiflage," replied Vivian.)


Though now discontinued, I've learned thaf LePage mucilage was in fact made from fish bones and scales.

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