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April 04, 2020


Kristina Schellinski

Dear Dr. Metablog,
I read with great interest your insightful autobiographical 'in-a-nutshell' experience of being a replacement child.
I am a psychoanalyst and author of "Individuation for Adult Replacement Children. Ways of Coming into Being" and co-founder of https://replacementchildforum.com.
Would you authorize us to post this blog on our website, or could we invite you to contribute a letter or blog of your choosing?
We are raising consciousness for the replacement child syndrome which affects very many people, many of them unawares that this is what they suffer from. Our site is for those directly concerned and for therapists helping them.
Yours sincerely, Kristina Schellinski, Geneva, Switzerland

Don Z. Block

A Jonathan Pearlman was in several of my classes in P.S. 217; I think the last one was the 8th grade with Kieselbach. (The birthdates match up, too. I was born on March 10, 1943, so he was older but could have been in the same grade.) He was a very good athlete who (I think) occasionally spoke with a slight stutter. He was not a big guy but could punch a ball with power. I came across a book once by Jonathan Pearlman, "Two To Tango," and figured out that the picture of the author on the dustjacket had to be the Jonathan Pearlman from P.S. 217 in Brooklyn. I even managed to contact him and got him to sign several copies. The book had many quotable passages, too, that lent themselves to double acrostic puzzles. There is also one chapter in that book that really stands out, a chapter where the narrator revisits the house he grew up in and meets his deceased parents. Sound familiar?

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