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July 19, 2020


Don Z. Block

I envy you and your atheistic family. It took me about 20 years to realize how much sense atheism makes, and during those 20 years, I wasted so much time attending religious services and performing meaningless rituals when I could have been doing something enjoyable and useful, like reading a good book or playing punchball or touch football. Has anyone here read the books of Bart D. Ehrman? He used to be a bible-thumping fundamentalist, who attended Moody Institute. When he lost his faith, he suffered a nervous breakdown but today this atheist-agnostic heads the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina. Because he knows so much about the bible and because he knows ancient Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic, he is qualified to debunk religion, and he does so dispassionately with facts and a sense of humor. Those of us who were raised in a religious family need the help of authors like Ehrman, Dennett, Hitchens, Sam Harris, and James Morrow to help us see how terribly misguided we were. Hitchens' "The Missionary Position," for example, is a rational dissection of the myths that surround Mother Teresa, that incredible fundraiser for the Catholic Church, who ran an unsterile hospital that would speed patients into the hospital's cemetery that Mother Teresa was so proud of.

Nancy Groce

Another excellent blog! However, I would point out that my sister, Susan, is a well known printmaker and a professor of art at the University of Maine. And although I no longer make my living as a classical musician, I was trained and still work in a related field producing concerts and recordings -- so perhaps we're not as uncreative a lot as you fear. However, as you note, we're all still devoted atheists.

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