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August 24, 2020


Don Z. Block

Dvorak fans received a big gift when those symphonies were renumbered and many of his previously unrecorded works began to appear in albums put out by Supraphon. I used to buy them in a record store across the street from the Strand bookstore. His early symphonies are not that good, but each has at least one movement that is memorable (meaning I can whistle it). The one movement in the 3rd symphony that stands out has a Wagnerian sound that could have been written by Wagner himself if Wagner had been as nice a guy as Dvorak.

Darrell Fancourt

P.S. I believe your Kodaly LP was on Columbia with Bernstein conducting the NYPO.

Darrell Fancourt

The first time I ever heard the Mahler was when you played your LP for me in 1957. The LP sleeve was mostly plain, light brown I think, except for a small white square in the upper right-hand corner containing the information: Mahler Symphony No. 1, Paul Kletzki conducting the Israel Philharmonic. As with most Angel records of that time, the pressing was bad and there was a lot of surface noise - ruinous to the sustained pianissimo passages that begin the first movement. You also played a Kodaly/Prokofiev LP, the first time I'd ever heard the Hary Janos Suite. Both the Mahler and the Kodaly have remained favourites ever since. Other than that, I don't remember much about your LPs.

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