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April 01, 2021


Don Z. Block

The Beffans also define a verb as a word in a clause that is capable of showing tense, and they spend the next hour or so answering questions about whether the clause or the verb has that capability. In addition, Beffans have been known to assault Beffans and non-Beffans who insist on defining a verb as an action word.

The New York Times and Will Shortz did not think this April 1st was worthy of a 4/1/21 puzzle, possibly because so many people still think the puzzle disappeared several years ago after an April 1 puzzle had a lengthy answer that announced that money problems would be causing the termination of the crossword puzzle feature.

When I was teaching face to face many, many years ago,on April 1st, I would send a colleague into my classroom to announce I would not be there that day, then walk in as the students were about to leave.

Another April Fool's joke in my school was written by a colleague, who, after lamenting what he saw as discrimination against the dead, announced a new course for the terminally impaired, complete with rubrics and outcomes.

vivian de st vrain

Vivian replies: I don't know what's meant by "double nagging."

Lyn Innes

Here’s hoping for a beffa world but perhaps we could do without the double nagging.
April 1st is my favourite day. On which I regularly read Louis MacNeice’s lovely poem written for that date.

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