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October 23, 2021


Don Z. Block

My neighbor used to say, "With a little luck, we'll all be dead soon." Not too long ago, she got a little lucky. What are the choices? No choices, only the hope that it comes suddenly so that one experiences immediately the oblivion of unawareness we all had before we were conceived. That was painless. There is something to be said for nothingness. It sure as hell beats hell, and there such as hell ain't no such thing as hell. But I understand why Woody Allen wrote, "I don't mind death. I just don't want to be there when it happens." However, the mystery of consciousness will probably remain until we expire, and we will never figure out what made us aware and why we became aware in this human form when we became aware. And that is the best I can do with words that in my mind and pen have never been able to express what reality is.

Fran Gardner

Robert wrote me about the Professor Bush entry about a year ago and I just got around to reading it. What a splendid piece of writing! So I am crunching my way into your blog now. And I am quite taken with your rumination on mortality. I live in assisted living, because my MS has gotten that bad, but fortunately it's a great place to live. One of the downsides, of course, is that people die here all the time.
Last week alone there were four deaths (none from COVID, as we have zero problem with that, but there are 120+ residents here). So I think a lot about these recent deaths and about people I've known who have passed on.
I am especially sorry that I did not tell more of my friends that I loved them while they were alive.
I'm only 71, so I might live here a long time. I feel a soul connection to those who are gone; they are a living memento mori. It strengthens me while it humbles me.
—Fran Gardner

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