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December 19, 2022


Larry Feldstein

Saw my first film at the Culver Jason & The Argonauts. Let’s not forget, The kingsway, Avalon (both on Kings Highway), The Marine on Flatbush Ave. The Midwood on Ave J. In later years, The elm hung on as an X rated Adult theater. The other adult theater was in Kings Highway and East 7th street. I always wondered how it survived in the middle of a residential neighborhood. I saw films at all of the above including the ones you mentioned. Snuck into The Kent many times. Amazing that some many theaters survived so close together.

Carol Saturansky

I'm so glad I discovered your webpage/blague today, Vivian. Can't stop reading bits. Now this one: I religiously attended the Beverly Theater every Saturday afternoon for much of my early childhood. Or so it seems. Double features, watched some shows more than once; I just sat there for hours. I would go with a friend, she'd come over for lunch beforehand, and we'd walk/skip to the Beverly together - just one block from my house near McDonald Ave. I remember perfectly the snow-white-haired matron with her weaponized flashlight, deputized drill sergeant that she was. Who were these matrons and where did they come from, anyway?

I, too, was an Eurasian, -- I wrote ERASMIAN and was thus transformed by autocorrect --and discovered, one weekend evening, that the ART theater right near Erasmus on Flatbush Ave exhibited a completely different and unknown form of movie, a movie made on a planet in a different solar system: I'M ALL RIGHT JACK. starring Peter Sellers, and the entire audience roared uncontrollably, thundering laughter in my ears.This was humor that was beyond anything I'd heard/seen before. This movie changed my life! I won't go into that. EHHS Yay Team!

robert Forst (nee Cohen)

Brought back many childhood memories. Thank you

Don Z. Block

The Leader was great for Abbott and Costello flicks and excellent horror movies like "Isle of the Dead" with Boris Karloff, a genuinely creepy film, one of his best. The Kent featured mostly arty foreign films. It was featured in Woody Allen's "The Purple Rose of Cairo." The Kent competed successfully with The Vogue on Coney Island Avenue near Avenue L (I believe).I do recall that in both the Leader and the Kent, no matter what film we were watching, the villain was really the matron.

Other theaters: the Midwood, the Elm, the Kingsway, and one in Brighton Beach, the Oceania, where I saw "Some Like it Hot." I think there was also one on Avenue U, probably called the Avenue U.

Good times.

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