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May 14, 2024


Carol Saturansky

Query: if I'm so disdainful of live performances, how is it that I'm so fond of Shakespeare on film.
What a great question! I think, perhaps, this relates to your preference for reading the plays in order not to have the interpretation of theatre performance interfere with your own imagination and involvement with the play's setting and characters and action. It's more personal, the read. It's YOUR interpretation and subjectivity without the intrusive stage business of actors and a director and set getting in the way.
The film? Film is a closer, more direct and immersive version of reality (if it's any good) that we can get lost in, like when we read. It's immediate- our brains take it in without mediation. The stage offers some distance with which symbolic and abstraction and dazzling human experience in the moment come to play--all within the context of and relationship with an audience.
Live theatre and film are as different as ... a zoo and a safari... or maybe a visit to the Acropolis and looking at photos from that visit.

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